Inky Quills Olive Oil Soaps

Inky Quills LLC soap is made with all natural ingredients using the cold process method. We make the soap with oils that cater to several skin conditions. Our options may grow as we do, below are listed the options we currently offer and their benefits.

Please note: All of our soaps are made with sustainable and responsibly harvested palm oil to provide a hard, moisturizing bar and coconut oil which provides a skin nourishing, thick lather.


Olive Oil 

Our olive oil soaps are perfect for normal skin types. Rich and nourishing, olive oil produces a long lasting bar that can be very versatile. We use Pomace Olive Oil in our soaps which is the first, unfiltered press of the fruit rich with the many lovely properties this favorite oil can offer. This olive oil is also present in our hempseed and avocado oil soaps as well, though at a much lower percentage. We do not keep as many batches of olive oil soap on hand due to high demand of the hempseed and avocado based soaps, but can custom make any batch requested if we do not have it currently available. Just ask us!

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