Inky Quills Hempseed Soaps

Inky Quills LLC soap is made with all natural ingredients using the cold process method. We make the soap with oils that cater to several skin conditions.

Please note: All of our soaps are made with sustainable and responsibly harvested palm oil to provide a hard, moisturizing bar and coconut oil which provides a skin nourishing, thick lather.


Hempseed Oil 

Our soaps made with a hempseed oil base are best suited for troubled to sensitive skin types. If you have always found bar soaps make you itch, this is the soap for you. Hempseed oil is rich with moisturizing agents and fatty acids that aid in retaining moisture to the skin and contains Gamma-Linoleic Acid (GLA)which plays the role of an antioxidant assisting in troubled skin conditions. We use only natural, unrefined hempseed oil which has its own lovely scent and a rich green color which you will commonly see in our hempseed oil soaps.